The ARABIAN BREEDERS AND HALTER ALLIANCE  is an AHA-Affiliate Club whose focus is to represent the
interests of those who are vested in the breeding and showing of Arabian and Half-Arabian in-hand horses.  
Looking at the recent history of our breed, it is apparent that it has never been more crucial for us to become
ambassadors for the Arabian horse.  

It is the desire of the ABHA to work within the ARABIAN HORSE ASSOCIATION to provide a voice and platform
to ultimately bring about a stronger and more viable organization and to:
Create a uniform voice and vision amongst the ARABIAN BREEDER AND HALTER
enthusiast in order to meet the following goals:

•        To recruit members in order to have a significant number of voting delegates at the AHA Convention.
•        To formulate ideas and make decisions based on what will promote growth for Arabian and Half-Arabian
  breeding/halter horses in the show ring and market place.
•        To elicit and cause positive change for the in-hand/breeding classes at all AHA-sanctioned shows.
•        To support AHA through educated, constructive input as they continue to strive for fair
  and exciting in-hand/breeding classes.
•        To promote growth of the in-hand/breeding classes at AHA national shows through increased
  class participation and prize money.
•        To help maintain the viability and vitality of AHA through breeding and thus, registrations,
  followed by activity and show participation.  

We hope that, because of your dedication and involvement in the breeding, showing and
marketing of Arabian and Half-Arabian breeding horses, you will join the ABHA!
Even if you are already a member of an AHA club, you will want to join the ABHA.  
Your membership is vital to our efforts to build our Delegate count for the next AHA Convention!

Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to call or e-mail any of the
ABHA Board members with any questions you may have.